Isla Fisher & Josh Gad Tease “Twists & Turns” in Dark New Peacock Series Wolf Like Me

E! recently spoke to Isla and Josh Gad about their upcoming TV series Wolf Like Me:

Isla Fisher & Josh Gad Tease “Twists & Turns” in Dark New Peacock Series Wolf Like Me
E! News got the inside scoop on Isla Fisher and Josh Gad’s new genre-bending series Wolf Like Me, set to launch on Peacock in January.

Isla Fisher and Josh Gad’s new Peacock series is, put simply, like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

Dubbed Wolf Like Me, the six-episode show premiering in January follows Gary (Gad), an emotional wreck struggling to provide for his daughter since the death of his wife, and Mary (Fisher), who has a secret she can’t bring herself to share with anyone.

Sounds like a run-of-the-mill drama, right? Not exactly.

“I’ve done dramas—between Marshall and Murder on the Orient Express and Love & Other Drugs, I’ve definitely dabbled—but I’m always looking for a challenge in any script, and with Wolf Like Me, there was a freshness about it,” Gad exclusively told E! News. “It was unlike anything I’d ever read before or seen before and it felt like a really exciting challenge, a really exciting opportunity.”

Fisher was in complete agreement, describing Wolf Like Me as “an interesting melt of genres.”

“And it felt like an original and fun opportunity to tell a love story, an adult love story,” the Australian actress added, attributing the genius of the show to creator-director Abe Forsythe. “But focusing on the dark side as well as the light.”

Some of the darker elements are present from the beginning, but Mary’s secret is initially kept hidden from both Gary and those watching the show.

This, of course, results in huge “twists and turns,” as Fisher put it.

“There’s an element to the show that almost lends itself to binging where you need the answers,” Gad explained. “You need to know how everybody’s going to respond to all of the things thrown at them.”

Careful not to reveal a single spoiler, Gad admitted the third episode of Wolf Like Me is his favorite.

“Everything kicks into the next gear and it’s sort of fun dealing with the fallout of where these two people find themselves, both knowing each other’s issues, shall we say,” he told E! News. “And to me, there was something really exciting about sort of having to deal with conflict that is so unique and unexpected.”

The conflict may be unique, but at its core, Wolf Like Me is relatable for a lot of people.

“It’s this idea that we all bring our own baggage into relationships,” Gad explained. “And there’s something about what this show is offering that people can project their own issues onto each of these characters in terms of Mary and Gary, and how they deal with the things they’re so terrified of when they fall in love.”

Suffice to say, relationships and dating can be terrifying.

Apparently, Fisher and Gad know this all too well. The Confessions of a Shopaholic star admitted her past is full of “rough” dating experiences, while Gad recalled a particularly awkward first date with none other than his wife, Ida Darvish.

“We decided that we both wanted to watch a movie that we had never seen before, so we went through, like, AFI’s top 100,” he began. “And the first movie that we saw, I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve never seen this!’ and I rented it—it was back when you’d rent movies—and it was Deliverance.”

Gad continued, much to Fisher’s amusement: “And let’s just say that that is not the most romantic movie to start a dating ritual over. That was a rough one.”

Thankfully, it was nothing compared to what goes down between Gary and Mary.

All six episodes of Wolf Like Me drop Thursday, January 13 on Peacock.

(E! and Peacock are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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