Scooby Doo screenwriter commemorates movie’s 15th anniversary

Scooby Doo screen-writer James Gunn celebrated the 15th anniversary of the movie with a post on his Facebook page about his memories of working on the film. He shared a brief tidbit about Isla, how the movie was originally going to be “edgier” than the final cut was, and about how “bummed” he was at the poor reviews. Below is the tidbit about Isla, and you can read the full post on his Facebook page.

We shot in Australia. My favorite memory? Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar had rented an enormous, mostly-unfurnished house out on the ocean. The cast, a few members of the crew, and I, had massive games of Nerf gun tag throughout the house trying to kill each other for hours. Truly some of the most fun I ever had. I also remember sitting in Lillard’s apartment late at night playing the game “Celebrity” with a group of celebrities. I was still pretty new to Los Angeles and the whole thing was a bit surreal. Oh, and I also remember doing a karaoke video in the touristy section of Surfer’s Paradise with me and Linda Cardellini and Isla Fisher, line dancing with weird hats and props to, I think, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or something. I know I have that video – I think blackmailing Linda and Isla might be a good anniversary gift to myself. On a second thought, they could probably use it to blackmail me.

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