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February 13th 2016   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

A new red-band trailer for Grimsby has just been released ahead of the films upcoming cinema release in the UK on February 24th. Sacha Baron Cohen made an appearance as himself on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in the US a few days ago – he premiered a clip from the film but because it wasn’t suitable for broadcast, they could only show the audience’s reaction to the clip. View these two videos below.

The Telegraph have a featurette clip about Nobby’s family which you can view here.

Sacha will be attending the BAFTAs tomorrow – hopefully Isla will be there too!

Red Band Trailer #2

Jimmy Kimmel clip reaction
There is a scene in “The Brothers Grimsby” that almost got the film an NC-17 rating. Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to play it on our show, but it’s far too graphic for broadcast television. What we are able to show you, however, is how our studio audience reacted to seeing the clip.

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