Isla Fisher: I sent Princess Diana some drawings and she wrote back to me

Isla Fisher has admitted she’s a big fan of the Royal Family – and even once had a correspondence with Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana.

The Aussie star, who is married to British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, says she received a surprise letter from the Princess after sending her some drawings.

‘I was a huge Diana fan,’ says Isla, 37.

‘I drew pictures of her with the Queen and sent them to her when I was six. She actually wrote back thanking me for “my wonderful drawings”.

‘My friend Naomi [Watts] is playing her in a movie, which I can’t wait to see.’

Isla admits she had a bit of an unorthodox upbringing.

‘I wasn’t raised with any discipline at all,’ the mum-of-two tells You Magazine.

‘Mum let us throw massive parties in the house when we were teenagers. Her argument was, “If you’re going to get up to mischief, it’s far better to be doing it under my roof”.

‘She would lock herself away so that she didn’t have to listen to us while we drank Victoria Bitter!’

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