Isla on the cover of Easy Living Magazine

Check out Isla on the cover of the new issue of UK Easy Living magazine! It is once again a new photoshoot and interview, and the photos released so far are just beautiful. The cover is to promote The Great Gatsby.

Read quotes from the interview further down this post, and find the cover and first two pictures from the shoot in our Gallery. I’ll be on the lookout for scans, of course.

More event and tv appearance photos coming tomorrow!

‘I put on 10lbs… by eating cupcakes!’ Isla Fisher admits she used her ‘natural instincts’ to gain weight for Great Gatsby role

It’s a situation actresses wish for – to be told they need to gain weight for a movie role.

So when Isla Fisher was given free reign to pile on the pounds to play Myrtle in The Great Gatsby, she made sure she did so by chowing down on her most desired sweet treat – cupcakes.

Isla admitted to Easy Living magazine that gaining the 10lbs she needed to for the role was easier than she thought it would be.

She said: ‘I was breastfeeding, so I had a little flesh of my own, I am proud to admit, but I also gained 10lb, just by following my natural instincts.’

Asked what she meant by that, Isla replied: ‘Cupcakes!’

The 37-year-old actress also spoke about how her body image has changed since her days in Australian soap Home & Away – a role which saw Isla spend most of her time in a bikini.

She said: ‘I feel so sentimental about that time. Although I can barely remember any of it – the storylines were so fast and so ludicrous.

‘One week you had anorexia, the next you were lesbian, the next week you were an incest victim – and you were in a bikini on the beach and in the coffee shop, and in a bikini at a funeral.

‘I really didn’t feel objectified. The boys were in shorts, too. But I was shy and I absolutely did not want to be in a bikini at that age.’

And since the show, in which she played Shannon Reed, Isla has had two daughters with husband Sacha Baron Cohen – a fact which has seen her body change dramatically.

She said: ‘Back then, I was that annoying person who could honestly say, “I can eat anything.”

‘That changed at 35 and I’m glad, in a way, because it’s not good to have three desserts a day.

‘Obviously ageing is an interesting process, for everyone. Particularly when you’ve had kids, there is no denying the fact that your body looks completely different, especially when you take your clothes off.

‘So I just choose to see the positives. I’m grateful when, you know, I’m having a good hair day.’

Isla, who poses in stunning new pictures for the magazine, also said that despite landing a lead role in Baz Luhrmann’s highly-anticipated movie, she still always puts her family ahead of her acting career.

She said: ‘I definitely feel my career comes second to my family. After I had my first daughter, I took three years off; I took a year and a half off after my second.

‘My mother worked when I was growing up, so I was under the impression I’d find it easy to be a working mum.

‘But I found it very hard to be away from my family, even for short periods of time.

‘Once they are at school, I’ll get back to my creative world – but right now, I put my family first and that’s the most rewarding, fulfilling and exciting way to spend my time.’

But Isla added she does her best to keep her daughters protected from the celebrity lifestyle, adding: ‘Motherhood is my favourite topic, but I hate talking about it in interviews. My children didn’t choose to be in the public eye.

‘I feel like if I talk about them, people might be more interested. My job is to protect my munchkins.’

Daily Mail

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