Isla visits Seaworld

Hello fans! It’s been a busy month, so I’ve missed a few Isla bits here and there and will work to catch them up now. To start with, Isla paid a visit to SeaWorld in San Diego earlier this month, and posed for the cameras with a beautiful beluga whale. Check out the HQ photos in our Gallery (thanks Rachel!) and read a bit more about the visit below.

Isla Fisher takes her kids for a taste of the Arctic – in California

Former Home and Away star Isla Fisher has already swapped Summer Bay for Hollywood, and earlier this week she also took her two daughters to get a taste of the Arctic at San Diego’s Sea World.

The actress took five-year-old Olive and two-year-old Elula to the attraction’s Wild Arctic display on Tuesday to see animals native to both the North and South Poles.

Among them were endangered Humboldt penguins and a beluga whale named Nanuq, who cheekily planted a kiss on the 37-year-old star as she posed for a picture beside his pool during her VIP behind-the-scenes tour.

The two-ton white whale protruded his snout from the water to nuzzle Fisher’s cheek and allowed her to stroke him before disappearing underwater once more during his spot in the display.

Other creatures to feature during their time at Sea World included sea turtles, seals and sea lions.

The Australian actress is set to hit screens soon in an all-star adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, alongside Leonardo di Caprio.

Isla and the girls were not accompanied for the San Diego trip by her husband, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, who has also been carving out a career in the States – most recently with a critically-acclaimed performance as part of the ensemble cast of Les Miserables.


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