New interview with the Scottish Daily Record

The Scottish Daily Record have published a new interview with Isla to promote Rise Of The Guardians, and you can find it on our Press page now. It’s a good read (as usual), and Isla talks about this movie, Now You See Me, motherhood, and being axed from The Simpsons movie:

“When I got the job, I thought it would be good for me because it would make me more courageous.

“The director told me he had worked with actors who had not wanted to do the amount of stunts I felt comfortable doing. So I was quite pleased with myself.”

Being chained underwater sounds scary but Isla insists she wasn’t frightened.

She said: “I was not scared because you run through the stunt so many times and practise and build up your lung capacity and know where the quick release is on the handcuffs.”

Read the full interview

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