“Rise Of The Guardians” gallery update

Isla does only voice a character in this film, but I know some people are interested in seeing photos from her voice work, so I have updated our Gallery with some new Rise Of The Guardians photos. So I’ve added a few stills plus a couple of new posters, but the main new additions are screencaptures from the featurettes and b-roll that feature Isla herself. We also have a great new publicity shot of Isla alongside her character Tooth. Having watched the featurettes now I have to admit that I will probably go and see this movie – it looks like it’s magical Christmas fun!

Rise Of The Guardians > Stills x8 more
Rise Of The Guardians > Character Artwork x1 more
Rise Of The Guardians > Posters & Artwork x2 more
Rise Of The Guardians > Featurette Screencaptures – ‘Real Magic’ x3
Rise Of The Guardians > Featurette Screencaptures – ‘Side By Side’ x12
Rise Of The Guardians > B Roll Screencaptures x

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