Additional HQ appearance photos added

Over the past week or so I’ve been adding various additional HQ appearance photos to our Gallery, some of which are HQ versions of pictures we previously had, others are new. The update includes half of the Bachelorette New York premiere pictures being replaced with HQs, a few additional press conference HQs, and a handful more HQs from one of my favourite Isla looks, the Wedding Crashers New York premiere. Click the Last Uploads link below to see them all – as of right now they go back to page 6.

I still have some additional photos from the Rango Los Angeles and London premieres, then all the appearance HQs I have will be uploaded 🙂

EDITED: I have persevered and finished adding the rest of the HQ photos I have from the Rango promotional events in Los Angeles and London! Isla looks fantastic at both, as you probably remember, but the Los Angeles premiere look is definitely one of my all-time favourite looks from her. Again, most of these additional photos are HQ replacements of pictures we previously had in a smaller resolution.

Public Appearances > Last Uploads

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