Remaining “Pilot Season” screencaptures & information added

I’ve managed to get through Pilot Season quicker than I expected, and have gone through the remaining episodes and added screencaptures and information from those in which Isla appeared! Which unfortunately was only another 6. I really, really enjoyed this series – it was so well written and acted, and really funny. I loved Isla’s character Butterfly, and was shocked at some of her antics! I’d definitely recommend this series to you all, especially as it is free and easily watchable on the official site.

So, episode guides which include synopses and quotes, plus info about Butterfly, can be found on our Pilot Season filmography page, and browse through our Gallery for the new 6 episodes worth of screencaptures.

Pilot Season > Episode 11: ‘Secret’ x38
Pilot Season > Episode 18: ‘Poach For Poach’ x85
Pilot Season > Episode 21: ‘Just Be Honest’ x33
Pilot Season > Episode 25: ‘Working For Your Dad’ x133
Pilot Season > Episode 26: ‘Baby Photos’ x53
Pilot Season > Episode 29: ‘I Have A Secret’ x87

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