“Pilot Season” screencaptures & information started

Hello Isla fans! Today I have gone through the first 10 episodes of Pilot Season and have added screencaptures and mini episode guides for the 3 of those episodes that Isla was in. I’m enjoying the series so far and the deluded characters are pretty funny! Obviously Isla is a highlight, and I’m keen to watch more to see what her character gets up to. Therefore, I will be trying to get a full set of screencaps and episodes guides up as soon as possible!

Screencaptures are in the Gallery – links and previews below – and browse through our information on this project in the Filmography section.

Pilot Season > Posters & Artwork x1
Pilot Season > Webisode Screencaptures > Opening Titles x3
Pilot Season > Webisode Screencaptures > Episode 5: ‘No Money In Small Farming’ x32
Pilot Season > Webisode Screencaptures > Episode 6: ‘Client Promotion’ x45
Pilot Season > Webisode Screencaptures > Episode 7: ‘Hollywood Party’ x26

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