New interviews with Isla

Two new interviews with Isla promoting Bachelorette have been added to our Press page – I particularly like the NBC one as she talks about how she approaches her career since having children. She also talks more about Gatsby in that one. A few older interviews have been added to that section in recent weeks too. New additions are always marked with a (*).

I just think that I’m finding more and more courage within myself to take on things that maybe…in the past I was quite protective about what I did and I was quite precious about how I would be perceived. But that’s what’s great about having kids: it’s sort of the death of ego, and so then when you read material I’m no longer judgmental of the people that I would play. I’m just more excited for a challenge, and I care about my career greatly. I’m a very passionate actor and I love acting. But at the same time I’m not married to outcomes in the same way I was as a younger actor, because I have a family and that’s my priority.

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