Isla on Chelsea Lately

Isla appeared on Chelsea Lately on Wednesday night, promoting Bachelorette. Isla talked about playing stupid and drunk in the movie, how her friends presumed she was always on cocaine, and then she told a couple of stories about being mistaken for Sacha’s daughter at a party (this story here), and Sacha encouraging her to do comedy. Isla wore a pretty metallic dress, which she and Chelsea pointed out showed off her “ladies” (ie breasts) nicely!

I haven’t been able to find an embeddable or linkable video yet, but I do have one that needs to be resized a bit before it can be uploaded. I’m working on getting that sorted right now. In the meantime, I’ve added screencaps from the interview to our Gallery.

I’ve also updated our Bachelorette career page with quotes from Isla, character quotes, and the recent promotional appearances.

2012 – Chelsea Lately (Screencaptures) x159

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