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July 24th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

I’ve been hard at work the last few days getting back to work on our Filmography pages, and have now added pages and information for all of Isla’s TV work. This includes Home & Away, Oliver Twist and Paradise Beach, as well as her other TV series, mini-series and TV movie. There isn’t much information about them around now, but I’ve added in as much as I could possibly find!

The Home & Away and Pilot Season pages are the only ones that are not ‘complete’ yet – they will be completed with character and episode information, plus character quotes, as I gradually go through and screencap available episodes.

Whilst searching for information on these shows, I was lucky enough to come across a picture from Bay City – Isla’s very first acting role! This is the first photo I’ve ever seen from this series, so I was excited to find it. Unfortunately it’s only very small, but there is a ‘full’ version and a ‘blown-up’ version so we can see Isla a bit more clearly.

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