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May 16th 2012   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

The Cannes Film Festival began today, and I was surprised to discover that a Q&A for Rise Of The Guardians was held there today, and that Isla was in attendance! Isla and her co-stars Chris Pine and Alec Baldwin, alongside director Peter Ramsey answered questions from the press and talked about their film. During the discussion, Isla called the movie “the Avengers of animation”, and when asked who her guardian is, she joked “the CIA”! She also said (and this is loosely translated):

“In film, the characters fight so that the children of the world continue to accept the legends. Me, I do not have this problem: as my children are brought up in the Jewish tradition, so they do not believe in Father Christmas. That makes the task easier for me.”

Photos from the Q&A can now be seen in our Gallery. Isla looks fabulous as always in a low-cut V neck little black dress.

Cannes Film Festival – “Rise of the Guardians” Q&A With Talent And Filmmakers x18

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