Oliver Twist 1999 Mini-Series – Episode 3 & 4 screencaptures

I’ve now added screencaps from the 3rd and 4th episode of the 1999 mini-series Oliver Twist, although as you can see, Isla wasn’t in them much! In episode 3 we see her ‘working’ in a pub and then later trying to look after Nancy, and in the 4th and final episode Bet discovers Nancy’s dead body and screams ‘murder’ (in a very Australian accent!) out of the window. So check out our exclusive screencaps in the Gallery!

Stay tuned for Wedding Crashers and Burke & Hare HD screencaps in the coming week or so…

Oliver Twist > Episode 3 – ‘Wherein Oliver Is Educated by His Friend Fagin and Delivered Over to Mr. William Sikes’ x22
Oliver Twist > Episode 4 – ‘In Which All Is Revealed…’ x14

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