90’s Flashback! More old “Home & Away” episode videos

Here’s another batch of Shannon Home & Away episodes for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know about you, but these make me feel very nostalgic! I even remember watching some of them on TV way back then!

Episode 1823
Shannon and Alex’s relationship continues to develop. Jack tries to deal with Chloe’ return.

Episode 1827
Duncan runs for help when Alf has a mild stroke. Curtis and Chloe are drawn together.

Episode 1829
Selina agrees to go to one of Saul’s meetings. Angel conveys to Ailsa that Dylan’s leukaemia is like a ticking time-bomb.

Episode 2158

Episode 2160

Episode 2161

Episode 2165
Lachie begins to realise just how much he is coming to rely on Shannon. Chloe rediscovers a direction in her life. Rebecca and Travis seem to have the perfect relationship.

Episode 2213
Shannon’s Final Episode

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