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December 30th 2011   Posted by: admin   Leave A Comment

Browsing YouTube rarely fails to bring up some nice treats, and I have found some worth their own post today! I’ve just come across a batch of old Home & Away episodes featuring Miss Isla as the memorable Shannon. Here are some, and check back tomorrow for more!

Episode 1738
Shannon tells Pippa and Michael that she is leaving because she has been nothing but trouble. The new maths teacher arrives and Marilyn is very pleased to see him.

Episode 1770
Selina tells Curtis that their romance is over. Irene and Selina feel they are suspects when a policeman arrives with the news of Mud’s murder.

Episode 1808
Angel is frustrated about not having enough money. Alex goes to great lengths to get Shannon’s attention.

Episode 1817
Curtis won’t accept that his relationship with Selina is over. Alex tells Shannon he loves her.

Episode 1818
Curtis purposely harms Selina in a volleyball game. Angel steals money from the diner. Kelly finally falls for Travis.

Episode 1913
Michael’s body is found. Angel decides on a name for her baby. Steven discovers that Jeremy knows about his feelings for Selina.

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June 2nd 2012 ben left a Comment

I do remember home and away episode were angel wearing purple swimsuit and put on some home and away episode selina

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