“Bored To Death” Season 3 preview – brief look at Isla!

Remember the photos we had a few months ago of Isla filming for HBO’s Bored To Death? Well they have just released a video preview of their new upcoming Season 3, and we get a brief look at Miss Fisher! We don’t get any details on her character/role/episode yet though, but I’ll be on the lookout and will post further news and info as I find it.

Screencaps from this preview will be added to the Gallery very soon. have now been added to the Gallery.

Go on set with the cast and crew of “Bored To Death.” The new season premieres on Monday, October 10th. For more on Bored to Death, log onto http://www.hbo.com/bored-to-death.htm.


Bored To Death (2011) > Season 3 Preview – Screencaptures x4

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