“Wedding Crashers” DVD extras screencaps

I realised we didn’t have any screencaps from the Wedding Crashers DVD, so today I have rectified that. I’ve gone through the extras on my DVD and made screencaps from the few bits she’s featured in – sadly not much, but there is a cute shot of her pulling her biggest smile whilst on the set! This update includes caps from the teaser and theatrical trailers for the movie that were on the DVD, and Isla did feature quite a lot in the theatrical version. She was so hilarious in this movie!!

Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Deleted Scene: Bluefish x4
Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Featurettes: Event Planning x7
Wedding Crashers > DVD Screencaptures – Featurettes: The Rules x34
Wedding Crashers > Teaser Trailer Screencaptures x17
Wedding Crashers > Theatrical Trailer Screencaptures x82

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