1993 Flashback – “Paradise Beach” clips

Whilst searching for some old Isla goodies the other day, I came across a real treat – clips from one of her very first (if not her first – depends on the dates!) TV roles! They are 3 short but fantastic clips from Paradise Beach, in which Isla played Robyn back in 1993. On top of that, there is a behind the scenes video showing the cast on their last day of filming, and some of them, including Isla, record messages for their cast members. Looks like Robyn was an interesting character for Isla to play … just watch the clips from the last episode!

These are a real vintage Isla Fisher treat, so enjoy!!


Hunky Manu (Jon) Bennett played Kirk Barsby in the 90s Australian tv soap “Paradise Beach”. In this clip, his long-lost sister played by Isla Fisher approaches him as he showers by the beach.


The 1994 finale to Gold Coast soapie PARADISE BEACH as Loretta marries Roy as a cyclone bears down upon them. Lisa goes mad and tries to kill Tom while Robin gets a mystery phone call from her suppsoedly dead mother who was meant to re-surface in a new series which never happened.


Location Manager Andrew Mercado films behind the scenes of the last days filming PARADISE BEACH with Kimberley Joesph, Raelee Hill, Megan Connolly, Isla Fisher, Melissa Bell, Ingo Rademacher, Zoe Bertran, Peter Bensley, Michael Caton, Paula Duncan, Anthony Hayes, Tiffany Lamb, Jon Bennett, Robert Coleby, Lochie Daddo and one of the best goddamn crews in the history of television.

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