Fun section completed

Hello Isla fans! I’ve been working hard on the site for you recently. The new Gallery should be ready in a couple of weeks. I’ve also been working on our content, and the Fun section is now (mostly) complete! There are lots of fun things in there for you to play around with, including games, polls, quizzes, things for you to send in your opinions on etc.. Check out our Dress-Up Isla page if you’re a fashion fan, send in your Fan Experiences if you’ve met Miss Fisher, test how well you know Isla’s movie quotes, play as Becky Bloomwood and beat the debt collector in our Shopaholic Tic Tac Toe, grab a fansign to show your love for Isla, tell us what your favourite project is, and so much more! I’ve tried to pack this section with as many games and fun things as I can, so I hope it keeps you busy for a while and you enjoy it!

Pages for Look-a-likes, Through The Years and With Other Celebrities will be up soon. Speaking of Look-a-likes, if you know of any/think a certain celebrity looks like Isla/seen a celeb wear the same outfit as Isla/etc. then please get in touch and help me build that page.

Style & Isla Information content updates coming soon…

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