Isla Fisher: Australians barbeque the best

Isla Fisher has joked that with so many Australians in Los Angeles the casting couch is a thing of the past – it’s all about the “tenderness” of barbequed food now.

The Australian actress has forged a successful career in the US, notably starring as a psychotic girlfriend in 2005’s Wedding Crashers. The star, who is married to Sacha Baron Cohen, quickly settled into life in America as she has so many friends from her homeland there.

Isla has laughed about the stereotype of Australians loving outdoor cooking, joking it even affects the parts they get. She quipped the infamous casting couch – where stars allegedly swapped sexual favours for roles – is no more, as movies bosses are now only interested in how well actors can barbeque.

“You know, we have a bunch of Koala Mafia over here: a bunch of LA-based Aussies. All my favourite actresses are Australian. They can emote – and throw a good barbie. Instead of the casting couch it’s the tenderness of the shrimp,” she told the April edition of Elle.

Isla began her acting career on Australian soap Home and Away, where she stayed for three years. She isn’t embarrassed by her beginnings, stating her time on the show assisted her eventual move to Hollywood.

“I’m not ashamed of my past. It’s a fact that I was on a soap for so long. And you learn your craft in the most difficult way, because on a feature film there’s more time to prepare and you get a lot more help,” she added.

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