More quotes from a “Rango” press junket

The Daily Aztec has posted further quotes from a recent Rango press junket, so again, visit the link to see the whole thing, and below are the Isla bits:

DA: What projects do you all have in the pipelines? Isla or Abigail, do you have any desire to do animated projects again in the future?

ISLA FISHER: I’m actually doing an animated movie now, “Rise of the Guardians,” and I’m playing Tinkerbell which is a really different voice from Bean’s. And I’m really enjoying that, but I’m in an isolated booth.
ABIGAIL BRESLIN: Yeah, I love animated movies, so yeah, I’d love to do one, for sure. But I liked doing it like this, and I don’t think that they do many animated movies like that. But I suppose I’d be in an isolated booth too if it was a cool movie.
JD: But you’d still wear the wig and the gun and stuff.
AB: I’d still come completely, full out in the character’s costume.

DA: Isla, can you tell us about creating the voice of Beans and if you feel like having to cover your accent so frequently in films made it easier to do the characterization?

IF: I kind of imagine Beans, if Clint Eastwood and Holly Hunter would have a love child, that would be Beans.
JD: I’d like to watch that.
GV: Yes.
IF: If you were around. No, and then the physicality of the character had already been created; I’d already seen 20 minutes of the movie and some linear drawings. So I knew how she moved. Gore was with me every step of the way vocally, and he was very specific about what he wanted. And no one ever wants to hire an Australian, so I’m just used to never doing my own voice, ever. I mean, they do want to hire — oh, that came out wrong. They do want to hire Australians, obviously.

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