Isla Fisher didn’t read “Rango” script

Isla Fisher was so flattered to be approached by director Gore Verbinski, she didn’t evcen read the script before accepting her role in ‘Rango’.

Isla Fisher didn’t read the script before accepting a role in ‘Rango’.

The Australian actress voices desert iguana Beans in the new animated movie but didn’t wait to find out the details of the movie before signing up as she was so flattered by director Gore Verbinski’s interest.

She said: “I never read the script, he just showed me some footage and images of the creatures, and I signed up on the spot. I was so flattered that he was interested in me for the role. I think it’s amazing what he’s done, he’s so imaginative and smart.” Unlike on many animated films, the cast of the movie – which also included Johnny Depp, Bill Nighy and Abigail Breslin – worked together on a sound stage when recording their roles and though Isla enjoyed the experience, she admits she felt self-conscious at first.

She added in an interview with “I think you approach it the same and hope to infuse your voice with as much colour and physicality s you would on a live action movie. We shot this on a sound stage, so it was like doing a play, we had the chemistry from interacting with each other and we pretended to jump down a ditch, carried a fake gun.

“The advantages are you have more chemistry, things feel real and the voices sound more honest. The disadvantages are you feel a bit more exposed because you can’t hide behind hair and make-up and you’re playing something like a lizard and have to make it real, so I felt a bit self-conscious until I really got into it.”

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