Photos & screencaps from this weeks talk show appearances

Isla has been a busy bee so far this week, appearing on several different talks show in New York City to promote Rango! As I posted about below, she appeared on Regis & Kelly, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and The Early Show on Monday. She was also seen leaving the MTV studios that same day, but I don’t know what show she was taping in there.

I’m working on getting you videos from Regis, Jimmy Fallon and The Early Show, but for now I have a huge batch of photos from them for you! I’ve added stills/photos from the taping from Jimmy Fallon and The Early Show, and screencaps from Jimmy Fallon and Regis & Kelly. Isla looks gorgeous on these shows (I love her hair!) and was as funny as always. She even talked about her family briefly on Regis & Kelly, confirming that she did get married last year and that they did have a daughter. They’re keeping her name a secret though – I have lots of admiration for them being so dedicated to their privacy!!

2011 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Stills) x17
2011 – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Screencaptures) x286
2011 – The Early Show (Stills) x20
2011 – Regis & Kelly x245

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