Isla Fisher: ‘I loved Home and Away’

Isla Fisher was 18 when she started playing wild schoolgirl Shannon Reed in Home And Away.

Now the 35-year-old flame-haired beauty is a big movie star, with films such as Wedding Crashes and Confessions of a Shopaholic on her CV. She’s also just finished working with Johnny Depp on new animation Rango.

But despite her Hollywood success, Isla hasn’t forgotten her roots in Summer Bay.

She revealed: “I still look fondly back on those days of course – that’s where I learnt.

“I still have friends from that era and I loved it yeah.”

And as well as being a successful actress Isla has also begun writing her own scripts.

She revealed: “After Wedding Crashers I was just surprised about the lack of comedic material there is for comedic actresses so I had to actually start working and getting stuff out there for myself.

“Groupies is pretty close to being ready and I have another movie called Life Coach that I’ve been working on.”

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