Isla at the “Rango” London Photocall today

Earlier today our lovely Isla attended a photocall for Rango in London, alongside her co-star Abigail Breslin, and their director Gore Verbinksi. Isla looked classy in what is becoming her trademark style – a short dress, showing off her perfect pins! This time she opted for a beige colour dress with beautiful black decoration, and a little black jacket. 86 HQ photos have been added to the Gallery for your viewing pleasure, and check back soon for more!

I think there was originally going to be a premiere for the film in London this week, but for unknown reasons that has been cancelled. I guess this photocall replaced it. There may be a screening of the film in London this Saturday with a red carpet, but I’m unsure whether that has been confirmed. As always, stay tuned here and I’ll keep you updated!

“Rango” London Photocall x86

4 Comments on “Isla at the “Rango” London Photocall today”

  1. She’s right to wear this kind of dress, she is gorgeous.
    BTW it is a Dolce & Gabbana
    and I want her come in Franceeee….

  2. I agree Pauline, this style really suits her! Thanks for the info about the dress 🙂

    I hope she goes to France too, for you, hehe. I’m wondering whether there will be more stops in Europe for the movie … France and Spain maybe. Let’s hope so 😀 Maybe they’ll do a premiere in Australia too…

  3. I don’t think that she will come to France for Rango (but it will be awesommmeee) …. She was in england yesterday and she was seen at the airport probably to come back in LA no ? I don’t know …
    Maybe for Burke and Hare or something…

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