Isla attends the Berlin premiere of “Rango”

Isla is now in Europe to promote Rango! She attended a premiere for the movie in Berlin yesterday, with her co-star Abigail Breslin and their director Gore Verbinski. Isla looked fabulous in a little deep red lace dress – she always looks great in red, I think. 40+ photos have been added to the Gallery for you, and I’m sure more will pop up soon. I’ll also be on the lookout for some videos etc., and if you come across any before me then please post a comment!

Hopefully we’ll get a premiere in London this week too and/or maybe more events in Europe! It’s great to be seeing more of Isla out and about again!

Rango Berlin Premiere x42

4 Comments on “Isla attends the Berlin premiere of “Rango””

  1. OH MY GOD!!
    How could I miss this!? I can’t believe it.
    I found out that Isla will be in Berlin yesterday 11 PM when the premiere was already over!!!
    Serioulsy..I’m going to kill myself now -.-‘.

  2. Thanks so much Pauline! I love these new interviews with her!

    DDI, I hate when that happens! I missed her in London today too LOL. Hopefully all the new pictures will make up for it for you 🙂

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