Isla Fisher sad to miss out on Depp kiss

Isla Fisher has revealed she was disappointed when she couldn’t kiss co-star Johnny Depp because she had a cold.

The Australian beauty and the Hollywood heart throb lend their voices to animated comedy Rango. The actress takes on the role of Bean in the movie – in which Johnny plays the title character. Despite only voicing the movie, Isla, 35, claims that director Gore Verbinski still insisted on the cast acting out their scenes together.

When asked to kiss the leading man, the mother-of-two says she passed up the opportunity because she was feeling ill.

“Although we were only voicing the characters we were encouraged to actually act out scenes,” she is quoted as saying. “It came to the scene where my character kisses Johnny’s but I ducked out as I had a really bad cold and I didn’t want him to catch it. “

Isla – who is happily married to Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen – has admitted that it only dawned on her afterwards that she had missed her chance to kiss the actor, who is renowned for his sex appeal. The actress even contemplated passing on her cold in order to give her co-star a smooch.

“Afterwards I was like, ‘What was I thinking? It’s Johnny Depp.’ Maybe I should have just got the kiss and given him the germs,” she added.

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