Isla: I got a good look at Johnny

Isla Fisher had no problem being cooped up on set with Johnny Depp for a month.

The two actors star in animated comedy Rango, in which Johnny plays a gun-toting chameleon.

But Isla said that director Gore Verbinski still insisted on the cast acting out their scenes together, from which he lifted the audio.

“We shot this on a sound stage as a play for a month,” Aussie actress Isla explained.

Isla, who is married to Bruno star Sacha Baron Cohen, said she had a great time working with one of the world’s biggest heart throbs.

“Unfortunately Johnny had to look at me everyday for four weeks, fortunately for me I got to look at him and it was great fun,” she joked.

“I feel like the chemistry that comes from reacting off an actor, rather than being in a sound booth with just a microphone for company, has made all of our performances, at least I hope, more energetic” she said.

Isla, who wore a stunning blue mini-dress to the premiere, admitted it’s easy to see why so many people love Johnny

“[He’s] very easy to get along with, very funny, very nice, very talented, I have nothing but great things to say about Johnny – me and the rest of the world!” she laughed.

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