Sacha (and Isla?) to attend Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party?

I just came across this article with music producer Clive Davis, and it mentions Sacha Baron Cohen will be attending his annual pre-Grammy Party this year (the Grammys are this coming Sunday, so the party may be the day before). If this is the case and he is attending, I wonder whether Isla will come along too?? Let’s hope so!

Your annual pre-Grammy Awards party has typically offered testament to the notion of stylistic diversity. Can you give us a sampling of who’s onboard this year?

I’m looking at the RSVP list and it goes from Akon to Earth, Wind & Fire and Jeff Beck, Sacha Baron Cohen, Keyshia Cole and Jermaine Dupri, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Dr. Luke, Whitney Houston, Magic Johnson … and that’s just up to the Js.

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