New Layout at Isla Fisher Web!

After 2 years with the previous layout, as you can see we now have a fabulous new layout here at Isla Fisher Web! This bold and beautiful layout was made for us by former owner Mycah, and I love it! I think it really matches Isla’s vibrant, bold and colourful personality. So I hope you lovely visitors enjoy it too – leave a comment if you’d like to say something!

Along with the new layout comes a major site re-vamp – almost. I’m converting the content over to a new format (won’t make a difference for you, don’t worry) and updating and adding to it as I do so. This is taking a while, though! So you can see what’s to come on each of the sections linked in the navigation, but none of the pages work yet. I’m getting to work on it asap, so please be patient. Once this is done Isla Fisher Web will be brimming with all the fun and informative Isla content you could hope for!

I’ll also be re-vamping the Gallery/Media section, but look out for more news on that in the near future.

I hope you all like the new layout, and check back here regularly for Isla-tastic updates ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have any suggestions for content or updates – anything – then don’t hesitate to give me a shout and I will get right on that.

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