“Burke And Hare” gallery updates

I’ve updated the Gallery with new stills, posters and trailer screencaps from Isla’s upcoming movie Burke & Hare. The film is to be released in the UK next week, so new material is slowing leaking out, including the 2 UK posters I’ve just added and the still.

Hopefully we’ll get more Burke & Hare goodies next week, and with any luck, Miss Fisher will be at the world premiere in London on Monday!

EDIT: Another still has popped up! Plus, the film now has an official Facebook page at facebook.com/BurkeAndHareMovie.

Burke and Hare > Stills x2
Burke and Hare > Posters x2 more
Burke and Hare > Trailer #1 Screencaptures x28

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  1. Thanks Riikka! <3 I'm still very happy to be running this site. And even happier that there is now new Isla news etc. to be keeping up with!!

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