‘Hollywood left me disillusioned’

Isla Fisher is “frustrated” by many of the movie roles she’s been offered because they were so small.

The actress was thrilled when she won the part of Gloria in 2005 movie Wedding Crashers as it meant she got to act alongside Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Gloria is an over-exuberant woman who becomes obsessed with Vince’s character Jeremy after sleeping with him, and the part saw Isla’s comedic timing praised.

She was sure it would lead to bigger and better things for her in Hollywood, and was dismayed when work offers didn’t live up to her expectations.

“After I did Wedding Crashers, I felt really optimistic about my future, but there weren’t the opportunities I’d imagined to follow such a big commercial movie,” she explained.

“The roles offered were to play the girlfriend of another comedian. They would get to do the joke, and you’d roll your eyes. I was a little disillusioned and ultimately grew more and more frustrated.”

Due to this, Isla has started developing her own ideas for movies. She is cagey when it comes to specifics, but is sure some of them will be hits at the box office.

The 34-year-old is still getting used to producing and writing, explaining it is very different from acting. “Things move a lot slower. It’s definitely more frustrating than being an actor for hire, but it’s a lot more exciting, creating what you’re going to play, thinking about what you do best, what your shtick is,” she told Culture magazine.

“I can sit through a bad dramatic movie and still be engaged, but I can’t sit through a bad comedy, people trying to be funny when they’re not. It has to work.

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