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Hi everyone! Isla Fisher Web has undergone a change in owners, so I want to introduce myself, Jess, as that new owner! I’ve been a fan of Isla for around 15 years – being a big Home & Away fan, I watched and loved her as Shannon on the Aussie soap, and have followed her career ever since. She’s kind of a face I’ve grown up with, and it’s great seeing what she’s doing in Hollywood now. I’d been considering making my own fansite for her, but when the opportunity came to take over this one I had to take it.

Mycah & Riikka have of course done a fabulous job on this site, and I hope to continue that whilst also adding in an extra bit of Isla ‘spark’ to the site. I’ll be converting the content pages to a new format (which makes no change for you, but makes it easier for me to update) and updating them and adding new content soon. I’ll also be working on the Gallery and probably splitting the Gallery and Video section into two separate places. I’m pretty sure I have some photos that aren’t already in the Gallery, so stay tuned for some great additions and rarities.

As always, Isla news is slow at the moment. For now, though, I’ve added a new photoshoot to the Gallery, which was taken for Isla’s Flare magazine spread last year. I love the fiery look Isla has in them!

Studio Photoshoots > 2009 – Session #009 x6

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