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Per usual reviews for Shopaholic (a rom com) are mixed. However in the early reviews flooding in, everyone has nothing but praise for Miss Fisher!

From Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
Look, it’s not all bad. Director P.J. Hogan (My Best Friend’s Wedding) knows his way around this kind of farce. So does Fisher, an Aussie with a nifty American accent and a knack for building a frisky romance with Becky’s dreamy (and rich) Brit editor (Hugh Dancy, playing it all cute and pensive). Better yet, Fisher makes us believe that Becky can write a successful column about frugality while fighting the urge to shop-shop-shop. Hey, who better? In pushing the proposition that a shopaholic may be the best person to lead her fellow junkies to a safe zone in a squeezed economy, the movie may actually touch a chord. Confessions is no more than a painless time-waster. But the beguiling Fisher is well worth the investment.

Owen Gleiberman, From EW
This is a role you would imagine might be filled, with cheesy-klutzy charm, by Kate Hudson or Sandra Bullock. But Fisher has her own brain-working-a-mile- a-minute adorable magnetism, with eyes that widen like a naughty child’s and a smile so vivacious it could light up the next three rooms. Breathless and petite yet powerfully in-your-face, Fisher combines dizzy femininity and no-nonsense verve in the manner of a classic screwball heroine. She’s like Carole Lombard reborn as a tiny angel-faced dynamo.

From Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
It is to the credit of the director, P.J. Hogan of My Best Friend’s Wedding, that he gives Fisher freedom and yet modulates it, so her character’s earnest desire to please shines through. It was the same on I Love Lucy. Lucy wasn’t a klutz because she was trying to look funny. She was a klutz because she was trying not to.

Look. Confessions of a Shopaholic is no masterpiece. But it’s funny, Isla Fisher is a joy, and — of supreme importance — it is more entertaining to a viewer with absolutely no eagerness to see it (like me) than Sex and the City was. Also, no movie can be all bad where the heroine attends a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting and meets a former Chicago Bulls star.

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