OC Register Article and Shoot

We’re being hit left and right with lovely Isla articles lately, and today being no different!

OC Register has an article about Isla. In this interview, Fisher discusses the public’s confusion with Amy Adams, what she thought of the notorious nude wrestling scene in the Borat movie and how she reconciles portraying an irresponsible spendthrift during a worldwide economic crisis. There was also a new portrait session (taken at the Shopaholic press conference). Isla looks stunning!

“Not that I wanted to be Meryl Streep, but I definitely admired her. But that wasn’t why I wanted to be a dramatic actress. It was more that I believed that to have a job meant that you had to work at something that you didn’t really enjoy. Since I didn’t really enjoy drama, I therefore thought that I was doing a proper job. I was forcing myself to do something that didn’t seem natural.” – Isla Fisher

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