Isla Is Not a Shopping Junkie

Go see Confessions of a Shopaholic for shopping tips and financial advice?

That’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s idea. He thinks that the timing for the release of his comedy about a girl hooked on plastic is eerily prescient, considering the current economic turmoil.

And that may make people want to spend money to go see the film, right?

“It’s so fortuitous that this happened,” Bruckheimer told The Dish Rag. “I mean, here’s a character — it’s an empowerment story about a young girl who has problems and doesn’t like her job and figures out how to get a job that she really aspires to do and does really well, and then somebody who has a problem spending money — spending too much money — and figures out how to stop that too. I think it’s kind of a … the world could take a lesson from Becky Bloomwood about spending money.”


Then we asked Isla Fisher about working with the noted Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field. “It was great fun. She really has a magic box filled with things you’ve never seen. I mean accessories you can’t even imagine — hats, gloves … she goes to the most, you know, random places, to different countries, faraway lands. She says, ‘I got these boots in Japan, I got this hat in Burma’ and you’re suddenly in this incredible outfit. It was magical.

Turns out Isla doesn’t like to shop for clothes as much as books. And she doesn’t have a spending problem.

“No, I don’t,” she insists. “Shocking to believe that I was acting — I know, that’s true! I was just acting. It’s not real.”

We also asked Krysten Ritter what makes Patricia Field’s fashion so special: “Well, you know, what she does with things like I would never even think to do. She’ll pick a hot pink pair of tights and mix it with like some green dress and put it with some crazy belt with a ladybug on it … whatever, and it all seems to come together into this masterpiece and ensemble. She just has this really great touch.”

The movie opens Friday the 13th. Skip that other scary movie and learn how to save money from Becky Bloomwood. And check out those shoes!

Source: LA Times

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