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February 5th 2009   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

The premiere of her first Hollywood film isn’t the only thing leading lady Isla Fisher has to brag about – she’s apparently doing her bit for the ailing world economy, too.

As a big-spending, designer-label fashion addict in Confessions of a Shopaholic, the former Home and Away gal is set to inspire retail consumption on a grand scale.

So, says heavyweight producer Jerry Bruckheimer, anyway. “The timing for this movie couldn’t be better,” Bruckheimer told the LA Times. “This is about a girl spending too much money who figures out how to stop.”

With catfights at sale bins the chick flick is supposed to be a recipe for consumer confidence, but an unnamed critic said otherwise.

“If you lost your home and can’t pay your bills, the last thing you want to see is someone representing greed and excess,” he said.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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