Allure Quotables

“If [Shopaholic] is a hit, it was Isla Fisher in the movie, “And if it doesn’t work out, it was Amy Adams.

“I was so disillusioned by the rejection of being an actress in L.A., and Sacha said, ‘What are you doing? You are the funniest woman I know. You have to do comedy,’ It had never crossed my mind—even though, when I flick through photo albums, I am always the one humping the table or wearing a silly mustache.”

“I attribute my ability to tap into my inner idiot to having to be such a gypsy and to adapt to new environments and new people at school, You can make friends quickly if you’re willing to take the piss out of yourself.”

On the soap, Paradise Beach
“I wore a bikini everywhere, To a funeral you would wear a bikini. I wore a bikini to a restaurant and had a meal in a bikini once. It was ridiculous.”

On the Allure shoot
“I’ve never been so tan in my life.”

“We are going to get married really, really, even more so now than ever, We have been talking about it, and we have been very close, but it has been difficult to plan [something private.]”

“I think if one wanted to be buried next to one’s beloved and they were Jewish, then one would have to be Jewish, too.”

On her 60 pound pregnancy weight gain
“Héagen Dazs and I had a great time together.”

On Shopaholic
“In a weird way, [my character’s] lesson is the kind we are all going through right now, about greed, and she learns it in a really brutal way, It’s actually the perfect thing to watch right now.”

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