Allure & GQ – February 2009

Boys and Girls, we are being spoiled! As mentioned in some posts back, Isla is on the cover of Allure, now we have a preview of the amazing cover shot! Allure‘s shoots are always some of my favorites so I can’t wait to see the extra inside pics.

Secondly, the future Mrs. Sacha Baren Cohen is featured in GQ for February as well. And wow, wow, wow! The photo shoot is so sexy and fun! I totally love it. Scans of both mags coming up when they are available for me. You can already read the GQ article in the press section.

While Fisher is clearly one of the funniest redheads in Hollywood, she won’t even entertain the idea that she could ever outwit her famous fiancé. “He’s always funnier than me,” she insists. She’s also not one to share much of their life together. The world has already made too much of her conversion to Judaism for marriage. “The entire story is ridiculous,” she says. “I converted three years ago.” I confess that I’m married to a Jew but haven’t converted. “I’m willing to do a circumcision here,” she says. “Get me a sharp knife and some ice and you won’t even feel it.”

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