Isla Fisher: Best of 2008

Compiled by the Isla Fisher Web staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here.

Best News:
The filming coverage surrounding Shopaholic and Isla’s few appearances in magazines.

Worst News: The more quietness of this year.

Favorite Event:

Favorite Hairstyle:

Favorite Still from a 2008 Project:

Favorite Magazine Picture & Shoot Pic:

Marie Claire was not new, but I find it to be one of the best images of Isla ever. Elle was stunning and cute, just like Isla herself!

Favorite Photoshoot

There was really only this one to choose from, but it’s totally lovely!

Favorite Quote:
“When I was in my early twenties and trying to reinvent my image, I did a couple of bikini shoots and an FHM cover. Afterward, I sort of regretted it, but now, believe me, I’m grateful. Once you get to a certain age, it’s like, Really? My thighs once looked like that? Fantastic!”

Favorite 2008 Project:
Definitely, Maybe was the only one. Of the film Riikka said: “It’s absolutely charming. Even though I am generally not a big fan of romantic comedies, I really enjoyed this one. It had a lot of heart, delived the laughs and the cast was just wonderful. I may be biased but I especially adored Isla Fisher as April Hoffman. The character was multilayered and Isla made her feel very real. Plus, she had the best lines and her chemistry with Ryan Reynolds was great. This is one of Isla’s best performances – certainly one for all fans to see.”

Most Anticipated 2009 Project:
Confessions of a Shopaholic! We will get to see Isla in her first leading lady role! The movie looks cute and fun, and very girly. We’re extremely excited for it!

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