Isla Honored by Courtney Cox

Again, congratulations to Miss Fisher for this wonderful honor! We will add coverage from the event, as usual. From E! Online:

Actress Nicole Kidman will be honored at Elle magazine’s annual Women in Hollywood Tribute and will receive her award from legendary Hollywood starlet Shirley MacLaine, according to E! Online.

The October 15 ceremony will be the 15th annual event and will celebrate eight of Hollywood’s most popular and powerful leading ladies.

Actress Isla Fisher, whose film credits include Wedding Crashers, will accept an award from television star Courtney Cox. Actress Salma Hayek will also be honored at the event and will be awarded by her best friend, Mia Maestro.

Actress Jane Fonda will also receive a tribute from Kerry Washington, her former costar in the New York City reading of the play, Necessary Targets.

Rounding out the list of honorees is Halle Berry, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Hathaway and Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the Twilight series.

Presenters for the actresses have yet to be announced.

The event will be hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler, who hosts a show on the E! network.

The book, The Allure of Beauty: Women in Hollywood, will also be released at the award ceremony. The book is a collection of photography featuring Hollywood starlets including Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron.

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