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February 3rd 2008   Posted by: Riikka   16 Comments

Welcome to Isla Fisher Web! Months of hard work have now paid off as Maria and I have opened the doors of our new fansite dedicated to the charming Australian actress Isla Fisher. We are striving to bring you a comprehensive and often updated site on this lovely lady. Be sure to bookmark us and come back often, especially now that her newest film, Definitely, Maybe, will be opening shortly. Isla will also start filming Confessions of a Shopaholic later on this month. Busy times ahead and we committed to bringing you full coverage of it all!

We’d like to thank Once for the pretty layouts and Mycah for the coding touch ups. Much appreciated!

And of course, this is not just any day… It is Isla’s 32nd birthday! We’d like to take this opportunity to wish her a very happy day spent among loved ones. Have a good one, Isla! :love:

We hope you enjoy this site! Do not hesitate to leave us your feedback, we’d greatly appreciate it. :happy: We are also looking for site affiliates so please apply if you run a high quality fansite.

16 Responses to “Welcome to Isla Fisher Web!”

February 3rd 2008 Mycah left a Comment

The site is amazing girls! :love: Good luck on the future :blush:

February 3rd 2008 Jess left a Comment

love love love isla … great to see the site open, it looks good 😀

February 3rd 2008 Maria left a Comment

Happy Birthday to our lovely Isla and I’m so glad our site is open for the public! :love:

February 3rd 2008 Lisa left a Comment

Lovin’ the look! 😀 Congrats on the opening :biggrin:

February 3rd 2008 Stef left a Comment

Amazing new site. Everything looks fantastic. Happy birthday to Isla. 🙂

February 3rd 2008 Jennifer left a Comment

I’m so glad to see the site open, I’ve been waiting to see it. :tongue: Amazing work! :love:

February 3rd 2008 Mariana left a Comment

Happy Birthday to Isla and congrats on another lovely site! :love:

February 3rd 2008 Filip left a Comment

So great to finally see it open! Love Isla and I love the site. Awesome work, Riikka and Maria!

And congrats to Isla! Though I must admit, I didn’t think she was a day over 30. 😉

February 4th 2008 Maria left a Comment

Love everything about the site! Fantastic layout & as always so much content. Good luck with the site!

February 4th 2008 Riikka left a Comment

Thanks so much for the sweet comments. :love:

February 4th 2008 Ally left a Comment

Ahh! Love it guys! 🙂 :tongue:

February 4th 2008 Sandra left a Comment

An astounding job you’ve done on the site, ladies. Congratulations!

February 5th 2008 Sara Amelia left a Comment

Love, love love the site!! I’ve been awaiting the launch of it since I knew you were creating this fabulous source. I am definitely going to keep checking back here often!!

February 6th 2008 Nick left a Comment

Amazing job, both!! The site looks amazing!! Glad there is a great site for Isla on the net will visit often! :blush:

February 7th 2008 Mikaela left a Comment

Love everything!! It’s amazing <3

February 8th 2008 Riikka left a Comment

Thanks for the lovely comments. 😀

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