Read back through our collection of interviews with Isla, including early press from the 90’s, and recent interviews with Elle, GQ and In Style. Isla always gives a fun interview, so dive in and enjoy her words!

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January Isla Fisher: Why I’m promoting breastfeeding in the developing world (*)
March The Daily Mail Mrs Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher on family life and her role in… (*)
April Collider Isla Fisher Talks Performing Escapist Tricks, Her Chemistry… (*)
May Fitness On a Roll: How Isla Fisher Stays Lean, Serene, and Strong (*)
May/June Gotham Isla Fisher Talks ‘Gatsby’ with Kirsten Dunst (*)
May Huffington Post Isla Fisher On ‘Great Gatsby’ And ‘Now You See Me’ (*)
May Stylist Isla Fisher: view from the top (*)
May Perth Now Isla Fisher kept mouth shut for Great Gatsby role (*)
June GlamourUK Twitter Chat Interview: Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher Twitter Takeover (*)
June The Observer Isla Fisher: this much I know (*)
June Confessions of a comedy-holic (*)
July The Telegraph Isla Fisher interview: ‘Family is 100% my priority’ (*)
October Reveal Isla Fisher: “I was always the class idiot” (*)


January Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Leslye Headland on Their Mean and Dirty Controversial Sundance Dramedy ‘Bachelorette’
January The Daily Beast Sundance’s Bad Girls Club: Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson Talk ‘Bachelorette’
May BBC Newsbeat Sacha Baron Cohen’s wife admits it’s not a normal life
September Elle All the Single Ladies
September Huffington Post Isla Fisher, ‘Bachelorette’ Actress, Really Enjoys Playing A Party Girl
September NBC Chicago Isla Fisher: “Bachelorette” Behaving Badly
September Hollywood Reporter ‘Bachelorette,’ and the Importance of Being a Somewhat Terrible Person
September USA Today ‘Bachelorette’ is the life of the female comedy party
September USA Today ‘Dracting’ class is in session for ‘Bachelorette’ stars
September Slant Magazine Interview: The Bachelorettes
September Interview: Bachelorette’s Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher And Lizzy Caplan
September Int’l Business Times Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, And Isla Fisher Talk ‘Bachelorette’
September Huffington Post ‘Bachelorette’ Stars Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher And Lizzy Caplan Discuss Their Raunchy New Comedy
September Immorality and Morality Fool Around Together in “Bachelorette”
October The Sunday Telegraph (Aus) Hollywood’s just crazy about Isla Fisher
October The Independent (UK) Isla Fisher: Confessions of a seriously funny girl
November Brisbane Times Funny Girl (*)
November Kidz World Rise of the Guardians Actors Talk the Holiday Film
November Fox News Isla Fisher plays the Tooth Fairy in new movie…
November Scottish Daily Record Aussie actress Isla Fisher on starring as the Tooth Fairy in festive film
November Isla Fisher tells the ‘tooth’ about Rise of the Guardians (*)
November The Scotsman Isla Fisher on her new Christmas film (*)
November Isla Fisher stars in animated holiday movie ‘Rise of the Guardians’ (*)
November Herald.Ie The fall and rise of Fisher (*)
November The Daily Mail (UK) It’s so embarrassing being Mrs Borat! (*)
November Huffington Post (UK) Chris Pine And Isla Fisher Describe Finding Fresh Voices… (*)
December In Style (Aus) InStyle cover girl: Isla Fisher (*)


February Scotland On Sunday Interview: Isla Fisher, actress
February Indie London Rango – Isla Fisher interview
March Official Release Rango Press Junket



October Q&A With Isla Fisher
November The Wedding Guide – How to chat up a bridesmaid …



Unknown Adelaide Now Isla Fisher Fesses Up
Unknown Courier Mail Isla Fisher A Reluctant Billboard Queen…
Unknown The Daily Telegraph (Aus) Isla Fisher’s Confessions of a Shopaholic Is The Big Time
January The Sunday Times Style (UK) The comic world of Isla Fisher
February GQ This Woman is Marrying Borat?!
February Page Six Enchanted Isla
February SciFi Wire Shopaholic’s Isla Fisher morphs into Rango’s…
February BBC Newsbeat Isla Fisher on shopping and fashion
February Get Hooked On Isla Fisher
February Unknown INTERVIEW: Isla Fisher
February Isla Fisher and Jerry Bruckheimer Press Conference
February Moviehole Interview: Isla Fisher
February MoviesOnline Isla Fisher Interview, Confessions of a Shopaholic
February Moviefone Isla Fisher Interview
February Parade In Step With … Isla Fisher
February LA Times Isla Fisher taps into high fashion
March The Sun Daily True confessions



Unknown Cosmo (Aus) You’ve come a long way, baby
Unknown Cosmo (Aus) April Days
Unknown Empire Isla Fisher
January Buzzine Definitely One of Our Favorite Comedic Actresses
February Reynolds and Fisher Team Up to Talk ‘Definitely, Maybe’
February Chicago Sun Times Five Questions
February Isla Fisher on Definitely, Maybe
February Go Movies Is Isla Fisher crazy like a fox? ‘Definitely, Maybe’
February The Daily Telegraph (Aus) Isla Fisher on Jews and junior
February The Daily Telegraph (Aus) Isla Fisher’s latest a labour of love
February The Age (Aus) Funny Girl
February USA Today ‘Maybe’ star Isla Fisher is a new mom, but definitely don’t ask!
February Times Online (UK) Isla Fisher finds comedy difficult, despite being engaged to Borat
February Sydney Morning Herald Isla Fisher has the last laugh
February Indie London Definitely Maybe – Isla Fisher interview
February Parade Isla Fisher Falls For Ryan
March Hollywood hears Isla Fisher
October Elle Isla Fisher



March Esquire Women We Love: Isla Fisher
March MoviesOnline Isla Fisher Interview, The Lookout
March The Courier Mail (Aus) Isla an Aussie at heart
March The213.Net Isla Fisher: Seducing The Lookout
March USA Today For ‘Lookout’ star Fisher, it’s a Luvlee life
April Harper’s Bazaar It Girl: Isla Fisher
April Entertainment Weekly Hot Rod Preview
June The Mirror (UK) Wedding Belle; But Will Isla Fisher Find The…
July Buzzine Hanging With The Boys in ‘Hot Rod’…
August Dark Horizons Isla Fisher for “Hot Rod”
August HOT ROD: An Interview with Isla Fisher
August The Sunday Times (UK) On the Move: Isla Fisher
September The Herald Sun (Aus) Isla Fisher’s pregnant pause
September Details Wild Fire: Isla Fisher



November Vanity Fair Vanities – Isla Fisher



July Isla Fisher Talks About Her Role in…
July Entertainment Weekly Maid of Honor
July Matt Adcock meets Isla Fisher
July Interview Isla Fisher
July USA Today Fisher: She’s invited
July The Sunday Mirror (UK) Interrogation Isla Fisher
July Moviehole Interview : Isla Fisher
July Unknown Wedding Crashers Interviews
August Moviehole Exclusive Interview: Owen Wilson and Isla Fisher
August Sydney Morning Herald Wedded blitz
August At The Movies WEDDING CRASHERS Interviews



March The Evening Standard ‘I is marrying me Julie’



March The Independent (UK) Why are they famous? Isla Fisher
June “Scooby-Doo” Movie Premiere – Quotes From the Red Carpet



1999 Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland) Dickens of a job as Isla takes A NEW TWIST.
1998 Daily Mail (UK) The Real Me: Isla Fisher
1998 Daily Record (Scotland) French leave made me a real actress.
1996 The Mirror (UK) Soap hunks are too pretty for me; INTERVIEW: Isla Fisher.


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