Isla Fisher Tests Comedy On Cohen

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Isla Fisher tries out all her new comedy characters on her husband Sacha Baron Cohen before anyone else.

The ‘Wedding Crashers’ actress – who has two children with her funnyman spouse – admits they can’t help but discussing their work at home, and she loves testing out new ideas on him first because he is the “funniest” man she knows.

When asked if they compete against each other for laughs, she replied: “No, but I definitely can’t help myself from trying out new characters on Sacha. I think in all relationships, particularly if you’re in the same field, you end up bringing work home with you. At the same time, you never want your relationship to be just about work.

“Sacha’s the funniest man I know, and that’s on and off camera.”

Isla loves being a comedy actress, but admits she hasn’t found parts easily.

She explained to Culture magazine: “Even though I studied comedy, I didn’t know I could do it for a living. It felt like too much fun.

“After I did ‘Wedding Crashers’, I felt really optimistic about my future, but there weren’t the opportunities I’d imagined to follow such a big commercial movie. The roles offered were to play the girlfriend of another comedian. They would get to do the joke, and you’d roll your eyes. I was a little disillusioned and ultimately grew more and more frustrated.”

Isla is currently based at home with their daughter Olive and their second child – who was born in secret this summer – where she has been working on a new film idea.

She explained: “I’ve actually been working on a movie idea my husband came up with, a character for me, which I do around the house.”

Burke & Hare World Premiere date

October 17th 2010 • by Jess • No Comments"Burke & Hare"

The world premiere of Isla’s new movie Burke & Hare will be in London on October 25th 2010! No word on whether Isla will attend, but she lives in London with her family, so there may be a chance.

Visit Sky Movies for a chance to win tickets to the premiere!

First trailer for “Burke & Hare”

October 8th 2010 • by Jess • 1 Comment »"Burke & Hare", Videos

Burke and Hare will be released across the UK on October 29th. The film does not have a US release date yet.

Burke and Hare: behind the scenes

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Take John Landis, Simon Pegg and the true tale of two murderous labourers – and what do you get? ‘Burke and Hare’, the darkest Ealing comedy yet.

On a grey, wet morning in February, the director John Landis is sitting in front of a monitor in the stables of Knole House, Kent, gripping a can of Diet Coke. He’s talking – or rather, shouting – over the opening titles of his new film, Burke & Hare. It’s a retelling of the notorious tale of the eponymous Irish labourers who discovered the profit in supplying cadavers to ambitious anatomists and started murdering people to keep up with demand.

Landis says the film is a romantic comedy. ‘So we fade up to this shot of Edinburgh Castle,’ he begins, ‘although there’ll be lots of smoke and s—, and it says “Edinborough” or whatever, 1828. There’ll be lots of Scottish voices, saying things in Scottish accents. Lots of activity. Lots of arguing.’ A little boy darts across the screen: ‘There’s Oliver Twist making a guest appearance. Continuous action. Appropriate sounds. Directed by me. Cut, and then on we go.’

Landis swivels off his chair and stalks into the courtyard, which, filling in for an Edinburgh marketplace, is brimming with mud, vegetables, cows and glum extras, and is soundtracked with the honking of a flock of caged geese. ‘Why aren’t you following me?’ he shouts. ‘Come with me!’

Landis, whose previous films include The Blues Brothers and Trading Places is effervescent. This is the first feature film he’s made in a decade. But he despises the idea that this is a comeback. ‘I keep reading this thing – “he hasn’t worked in 10 years”. Bulls—, I’ve been working constantly! I guess I haven’t made a big regular movie. And people will say whatever they want and they always do, so who cares?’

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Tidbit: Jonah Hill on Isla

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– From a new interview with

And while there’s a long list of people Hill would like to work with, at the top for female costars are Anne Hathaway, Natalie Morales and Isla Fisher.

“I really like Isla Fisher; I think she’s hysterical and really talented,” Hill said. “Anne Hathaway is the best out there right now.”

Isla and Sacha welcome 2nd baby?

September 13th 2010 • by Jess • 3 CommentsPersonal

Following on from reports and candid photos earlier this year suggesting Isla was pregnant again, new candid photos have emerged that appear to show Isla has given birth to her second child! has posted a photo of Isla, Sacha and Olive taking a stroll in London last Friday, with Isla pushing a baby pram. Reports are saying the baby was most likely born at the end of August/beginning of September. Isla and Sacha “likely won’t be commenting on the birth of the new baby,” a rep for the actress told People.

If these reports are correct, then Isla Fisher Web would like to send a big congratulations to the Cohen-Fisher family! I hope they get to enjoy their new bundle of joy in peace :)

Isla voted ‘Hottest Ginge’

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Here’s a fun news tidbit – Isla has been voted ‘Hottest Ginge’ at the FIX Awards in Australia. The FIX awards are “Australia’s cheekiest awards”, on the FIX entertainment website. Isla received 31,506 votes in her category, beating out fellow gingers such as Nicole Kidman. Congrats Isla!

New Owner!

September 5th 2010 • by Jess • 1 Comment »Website

Hi everyone! Isla Fisher Web has undergone a change in owners, so I want to introduce myself, Jess, as that new owner! I’ve been a fan of Isla for around 15 years – being a big Home & Away fan, I watched and loved her as Shannon on the Aussie soap, and have followed her career ever since. She’s kind of a face I’ve grown up with, and it’s great seeing what she’s doing in Hollywood now. I’d been considering making my own fansite for her, but when the opportunity came to take over this one I had to take it.

Mycah & Riikka have of course done a fabulous job on this site, and I hope to continue that whilst also adding in an extra bit of Isla ‘spark’ to the site. I’ll be converting the content pages to a new format (which makes no change for you, but makes it easier for me to update) and updating them and adding new content soon. I’ll also be working on the Gallery and probably splitting the Gallery and Video section into two separate places. I’m pretty sure I have some photos that aren’t already in the Gallery, so stay tuned for some great additions and rarities.

As always, Isla news is slow at the moment. For now, though, I’ve added a new photoshoot to the Gallery, which was taken for Isla’s Flare magazine spread last year. I love the fiery look Isla has in them!

Studio Photoshoots > 2009 – Session #009 x6

Official ‘Rango’ trailer

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