Isla: I got a good look at Johnny

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Isla Fisher had no problem being cooped up on set with Johnny Depp for a month.

The two actors star in animated comedy Rango, in which Johnny plays a gun-toting chameleon.

But Isla said that director Gore Verbinski still insisted on the cast acting out their scenes together, from which he lifted the audio.

“We shot this on a sound stage as a play for a month,” Aussie actress Isla explained.

Isla, who is married to Bruno star Sacha Baron Cohen, said she had a great time working with one of the world’s biggest heart throbs.

“Unfortunately Johnny had to look at me everyday for four weeks, fortunately for me I got to look at him and it was great fun,” she joked.

“I feel like the chemistry that comes from reacting off an actor, rather than being in a sound booth with just a microphone for company, has made all of our performances, at least I hope, more energetic” she said.

Isla, who wore a stunning blue mini-dress to the premiere, admitted it’s easy to see why so many people love Johnny

“[He’s] very easy to get along with, very funny, very nice, very talented, I have nothing but great things to say about Johnny – me and the rest of the world!” she laughed.

“Rango” press interview with Isla

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Interview with Isla Fisher, who voices Beans in Rango.

1. On the difference in the animation process.
2. On her character’s freezing thing.
3. On what her character really thinks of Rango.
4. On the accent for her character.
5. On working with the director.
6. On the look of her character.

New clip from “Rango”

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Paramount have released a new clip from Rango, and although it doesn’t feature Miss Fisher, it’s still a fun watch:

Paramount Enters Online Game Space With “Rango”

February 12th 2011 • by Jess • No Comments"Rango"

Paramount Digital Entertainment enters the online video game space with a new multi-year partnership with casual game developer Funtactix.

The first title through this deal will be an online game world based on the Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies computer animated Western film Rango, which features the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina, and Bill Nighy.

Rango: The WORLD, an online multiplayer game, will launch in conjunction with the March 4 theatrical release.

Rangotells the story of a pet chameleon who ends up the sheriff in the lawless town of Dirt, where he encounters a cast of characters that poke fun at the traditional Hollywood Western formula. The games further explore this variation of the Wild West.

“For Rango: The WORLD, we’re creating a living online universe, a place for fans of the film to enter the world, to create their own persona so they can socialize, explore, compete and play,” said Sam Glassenberg, CEO of Funtactix. “We’ll be adding to the world over time and creating a community.”

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Sacha (and Isla?) to attend Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party?

February 9th 2011 • by Jess • 1 Comment »News & Gossip

I just came across this article with music producer Clive Davis, and it mentions Sacha Baron Cohen will be attending his annual pre-Grammy Party this year (the Grammys are this coming Sunday, so the party may be the day before). If this is the case and he is attending, I wonder whether Isla will come along too?? Let’s hope so!

Your annual pre-Grammy Awards party has typically offered testament to the notion of stylistic diversity. Can you give us a sampling of who’s onboard this year?

I’m looking at the RSVP list and it goes from Akon to Earth, Wind & Fire and Jeff Beck, Sacha Baron Cohen, Keyshia Cole and Jermaine Dupri, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Dr. Luke, Whitney Houston, Magic Johnson … and that’s just up to the Js.

Content updates – Web/Site & Style

February 5th 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsWebsite

As promised I am working hard on getting all our content in absolute tip-top shape! It’s going to take some time, but I hope you will think it’s worth it. So far, I have completed the (admittedly most boring) Web/Site section, with information on Isla Fisher Web, a ‘Site Search’ page to help you browse through this site easily to find what you’re looking for, our fabulous affiliates, and other web related features. Our affiliates page has been updated, so if you’ve finished your visit here then why not browse through them to find some other fun fansites!

Next up is the Style section. The Accessories page is complete, and the basis of the Hairstyles page is also done. There are a few more pages to work on in there, including some completely new ones such as the Style Rundown and Movie Looks pages. I’m also working on a Top 10 Outfits page, so if you’d like to share your favourite looks from Isla’s public appearances then don’t hesitate to get in touch (post a comment here or email me) and I will include the outfits that get the most mentions.

Just a reminder that while many of the content pages within the site are linked, most of them will give you an error page at the moment, as they are not properly up yet! Please bear with me, as everything will be working soon. And finally, if you have any suggestions for content you’d like to see here at IFW then you know what to do!!

“Burke & Hare” UK DVD release date

February 5th 2011 • by Jess • 1 Comment »"Burke & Hare"

Burke & Hare will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on February 21st, 2011. You can pre-order the DVD at here, and the Blu-ray here. No information on any extras on the DVD available yet, sadly.

“Rango” Superbowl TV Spot

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The TV spot for Rango that is set to air during the Superbowl in the US this weekend has been released online already:

Happy Birthday Isla!

February 3rd 2011 • by Jess • 1 Comment »News & Gossip

Today is a special day, as we celebrate our lovely Isla’s 35th birthday! I’d like to wish her a very Happy Birthday, and I hope she spends a perfect day with her loved ones. And I hope the year ahead brings her all she wishes for! Leave your birthday messages for Isla by posting a comment on this post, if you’d like to.

Today also marks this site’s birthday! Isla Fisher Web was opened by Maria & Riikka on this day back in 2008, meaning we turn 3 years old today.

So to celebrate this special day, I’ve made a small Gallery update with some rare/previously unposted photos. I’ve added a few really old and rare photoshoots from unknown years, in which Isla looks so cute! I’ve also added a new-old photoshoot that was seen in GQ magazine in 2009, and is absolutely stunning! Isla looks amazing in it, and it’s definitely one of my favourite photoshoots. There’s also a photoshoot from Elle back in 2008, which hadn’t been added here til now.

And, another fun rare & exclusive treat – I’ve added screencaps from the Home & Away special ‘Weddings’ DVD, which features a few shots of Shannon at a Summer Bay wedding way back when. These are the first photos from the soap that have been posted here at IFW, so I hope enjoy them. I know I personally always loved Isla as Shannon 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, I am planning to re-vamp the Gallery so look forward to more rare photoshoots and Home & Away photos (as well as lots more other stuff too) in there! And for this same reason I won’t be updating the current Gallery (unless anything new pops up) as everything will be saved and posted in the re-vamped Gallery.

2008 – Session #003 x1
Photographed in Unknown Years > Dolly x2 more
Photographed in Unknown Years > Set 04 x3
2009 – Session #010 x16
Home and Away: Weddings – DVD Screencaptures x21

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