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Back in 2013 Isla appeared on US daytime talk show The Talk to promote Now You See Me, in which she talked about the movie, her husband, and showed the hosts a card trick. I’ve now added screencaptures from the show to our Gallery, and we’ll have the video for you soon. Big thanks to our friend Colleen for the video from this appearance!

2013 – The Talk (Screencaptures) x207
2013 – The Talk (Stills) x1

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While searching for press articles missing from our site, I came across scans from a fantastic spread People magazine did to promote The Great Gatsby back in 2013. I’d never seen this photo before, and it’s a really nice one of the main cast + director. Have a look in our Gallery:

People – May 20th 2013 x2

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As posted about at the time, Isla made a couple of appearances on chat shows earlier this year to promote Grimsby – Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US, and Lorraine in the UK. I’ve now added HD screencaptures and HQ photos from them to our Gallery:

2016 – Jimmy Kimmel Live (Screencaptures) x237
Outside the ABC Studios for Jimmy Kimmel Live x18
2016 – Lorraine (Screencaptures) x146
2016 – Lorraine (Stills) x7

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Screencaptures of Isla and her Keeping Up With The Joneses co-stars appearance on The Today Show earlier this week have been added to our Gallery:

2016 – The Today Show (Screencaptures) x64

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The Gallery has recently been updated with photos and screencaptures from Isla’s ING Direct adverts, and I’ve now added information on the campaign to our Career section. Further down this post are a collection of all the videos I can find from the campaign that haven’t already been posted here. Isla is pretty funny in the vids!

Gallery: ING Direct

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To tie-in with the release of the first trailer for Keeping Up With The Joneses yesterday, and have posted their set visit reports. In them, Isla and her castmates talk more about their characters and comedy in cinema. Read the Isla-specific parts below, and click the source links for the full articles:

Set Visit: Keeping Up with the Joneses featuring Isla Fisher and Gal Gadot

“Hurry up and wait” is an idiom you’ll often find applied to film sets. With dozens of people on a film set working together towards a common goal, each department has its own amount of preparation to take care of before anyone even stands in front of the camera. It’s the nature of the business, and in regards to KEEPING UP WITH JONESES, this worked to my advantage. I’m in the break room that, while cold, is also basically four bare, white walls. You’d think it was the cargo bay of the Tantive IV or something. Thankfully the stunt crew is hanging out in close proximity and going over some of the choreography of the upcoming fight. I’ll tell ya, it’s fascinating to watch these people improv their way through a fight like comedians do through a conversation.

Before long, the on-set contact leads me back out to the Hotel Suite set to check out more of what’s being shot. We decide to take the scenic route this time around which allows me a kick-ass view of the massive city backdrop that’s hanging outside of the hotel room windows. Make no mistake, when you’re standing there on-set, a well-lit backdrop makes all the difference in comparison to a green screen.

I return to the dining room of the Odyssey suite set to find trays of earplugs being passed around. A Scrubs-esque fantasy ensues where Jon Hamm and I go to a progressive rock concert and out for a bite to eat afterwards (he lets me have a bite from his meal – what a gentleman). In reality, I’m getting the next best thing; he’s going to shoot a gun! Okay, so it’s not a real gun (of course), but the idea of Jon “Archer” Hamm dispatching goons with firearms is too exciting a prospect. I love me some Mad Men, but to finally see him fight with bullets instead of brains is total catharsis. Immediately my mind pencils in KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES as the “unofficial” series finale to Mad Men. I take a seat next to the table, having a great view of the monitors and the Hamm himself. As Gadot waits around for her earplugs, a restless Jon Hamm reaches over and playfully pokes her in the ear with his pinky. What did I say? The man’s funny! I’d like to think there’s one crew member who deals with Hamm’s antics day-in and day-out and is just thinking, “I’m real sick of your shit, Hamm!” No, that’s impossible.

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Isla instagrammed a photo of herself at an event promoting her new children’s book Marge In Charge earlier today:

Hopefully more photos from this event will pop up, and that Isla will be doing more promo for her new project!

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We finally have our first look at Isla’s upcoming movie Keeping Up With The Joneses! The first trailer has been released today, and this was accompanied by the first stills and an official site. The cast also appeared on The Today Show earlier this morning to promote the trailer release, chatting about their characters and working together. Watch the trailer and TV appearance within this post, and find the stills and HD screencaptures in our Gallery. The movie looks really funny – what do you think?

The movie hits US cinemas on October 21st, and follows in the UK on October 28th.

An ordinary suburban couple (Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher) finds it’s not easy keeping up with the Joneses (Jon Hamm, Gal Gadot) – their impossibly gorgeous and ultra-sophisticated new neighbors – especially when they discover that Mr. and Mrs. “Jones” are covert operatives.

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