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October 26th 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

I have added a bunch of MQ pictures of older Isla Fisher events, from years 2002-2005. Some of my favorite looks from these years are the I ♥ Huckabees and Dallas 362 premieres!

October 22nd 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

I have added the hi quality scan from Elle – November 2008. As we’ve already seen, the photo is absolutely gorgeous. The article is brief but an enjoyable read.

What photo shoot do you most regret?
“None. When I was in my early twenties I tried to reinvent my my image. I did a couple of bikini shoots and an FHM cover. Afterward I sort of regretted it, but now, believe me, I’m grateful. Once you get to a certain age, it’s like, Really? My thighs looked like that? Fantastic!”

October 18th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Now, I have a lot of Isla magazines and clippings at home, which I previously have not had the chance to scan. I am going to start catching up on scans from now on. For this update I added scans from four magazines dating back to 2007. The Details photos are easily some of my all time faves.

October 8th 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

Many new pictures from the 15th Annual Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Tribute have been added.

October 7th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Isla Fisher is featured in the new issue of Elle magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover. We will have scans of the issue soon. You can already check out the article in our press archive and the stunning picture on your left.

“Women can be as broad as men can and so many are wasted playing the eye roller or the love interest,” she says. “There’s so many funny women—Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Anna Faris—and there’s an audience of women who are desperate to go out and see other women be funny.”

October 7th 2008   Posted by: Mycah   Leave A Comment

Last night Isla attended the 15th Annual Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood Tribute. She was there to be honored by Courteney Cox. She looked classic and chic with her hair straight and in a black dress with matching clutch and heels. Let’s just say it: how amazing does Ms. Fisher look! Absolutely stunning – and this is her first time on the red carpet since February!

The first few images have been uploaded. Many more to be added throughout the day so check back for updates!

October 6th 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Although this is not related to Isla, we wanted to take a moment to promote our new site (and Isla Fisher Web family site) for fellow Australian actress Teresa Palmer. She is known from her work in December Boys, 2:37 and Restraint, among others. Hop on over to to learn more about her! :happy:

Stay tuned for coverage of tonight’s 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute!

October 2nd 2008   Posted by: Riikka   Leave A Comment

Again, congratulations to Miss Fisher for this wonderful honor! We will add coverage from the event, as usual. From E! Online:

Actress Nicole Kidman will be honored at Elle magazine’s annual Women in Hollywood Tribute and will receive her award from legendary Hollywood starlet Shirley MacLaine, according to E! Online.

The October 15 ceremony will be the 15th annual event and will celebrate eight of Hollywood’s most popular and powerful leading ladies.

Actress Isla Fisher, whose film credits include Wedding Crashers, will accept an award from television star Courtney Cox. Actress Salma Hayek will also be honored at the event and will be awarded by her best friend, Mia Maestro.

Actress Jane Fonda will also receive a tribute from Kerry Washington, her former costar in the New York City reading of the play, Necessary Targets.

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